“We love films and storytelling as a people, It’s just a human compulsion to listen to and tell stories” - Michael Danna 

To watch a movie is to live it, to live an alternate reality. Movies scamper on great stories, that move people, shift their beliefs and mould their perspectives. Great content never escapes appreciation and film production companies in Mumbai produce films that are content worthy!

Here are 10 offbeat movies that got people hooked on their content: 


This story is set in the holy city of Varanasi, a city that glorifies the Ganges and the colourful Varanasi alleys. We see a story revolving around two plots with Devi (Richa Chadha) and her grapple against the societal belief of pre-marital sex which is followed by the saddening death of her boyfriend, the second setting involves Deepak (Vicky Kaushal) who comes from a lower caste family. Both of the stories are mesmerisingly interlinked with each other and enlighten us with the powerful essence of pain and suffering. Masaan encaptures audiences' hearts by portraying a phenomenon like no other and shapes it with unusual tragedy and one-sided romance. 





This movie sheds light on some of the key life aspects that make you want to quit this rat race and live your passion instead. It kicks off with an adventure of two companions that meet each other in a foreign land. What is most intriguing is Ved’s (Ranbir Kapoor) personality shift when he gets back to his mundane life and how there was a familiarity between two strangers and then the sides flip. The comedy-drama film emphasizes the different life phases of Ved, his love for storytelling, and how carves his own story out of it.


3. Andhadhun

An absurd and distinctive thriller with no loopholes and a sitting-on-the-edge plot that grabs the audience's mind. Akash (Aayushmann Khurana) is a blind pianist with a driving passion for his dreams but gets himself intertwined in a series of mishaps that also entails unconventional characters. Andhadhun presents itself to you in a translucent form that it’s not always black and white, it’s a million shades of grey.


4. Queen

After going through heartbreak with her fiance, Rani is all set to give her life a complete 180 by stepping into a strange land filled with strangers which also grants her a positive shift and self-discovery. What makes this 2013 movie truly captivating is her transition from a nervous girl to an independent woman. The content of this movie makes the audience question their beliefs about women’s rights in a conservative society with an outstanding portrayal of reality.


5. Rockstar

This 2011 enthralling masterpiece by Imitiaz Ali is highly recommended and is one of Ranbir Kapoor’s finest works. Janardhan aka Jordan is a fun, normal college student who loves singing and is constantly in search of inspiration, eventually following the path of heartbreak that leads to his goal and also results in self-destruction. Rockstar brims with emotions, drama, romance, and passion that lingers throughout in a peculiar manner.


6. Hitchki 

Hitchki portrays a positive outlook on stereotyped students who are ignored and looked down upon by other students. Ms. Naina Mathur (Rani Mukherjee) is a woman with Tourettes’s syndrome and struggles with several job rejections, and finally lands a job as a school teacher where she teaches a class that has no interest in studying and helps the kids realise their full potential. This movie conveys the message that your disability cannot stop you from achieving your goals and that people can change for good. 



7. Dear Zindagi 

Dear Zindagi is a fine piece of work with impeccable characters/actors that gives a huge reality check to the audiences about today’s generation and the outgrowing mental health problems. It speaks volumes about the current ignorant society and the neglected childhood trauma which was relatable to many. It gently reminds us to find solace in the little moments of our happenings, that seeking mental health therapy is completely normal and there is always a silver lining awaiting you!


8. The State vs Jolly LL.B 2

This 2017 comedy-drama film had struck an interesting chord amongst people. Jagdishwar Mishra (Akshay Kumar) is a Lucknow-based lawyer who’s shown working as an assistant to a reputed lawyer of Kanpur. To establish his law firm he tricks a widow into believing him that he will fight her case which results in her suicide. A guilt-filled jolly (Akshay Kumar) goes to the extent to fight the injustice done to the window’s husband. A complete entertainer with a touch of dark comedy!


9. Drishyam

A perfect slice of brilliant storytelling by Nishikant Kamat that keeps the thrilling flow of the movie intact. The story proceeds with a sudden disappearance of a policewoman’s son that makes  Vijay’s (Ajay Devgn) family the prime suspect and how he outwits the whole police force with his sheer intellect that leaves no trace behind. A carefully crafted movie that left the crowd amazed.


10. Barfi 

There are only a few movies that have done justice to impaired characters and barfi is one of those phenomenal ones. Barfi (Ranbir Kapoor) is a deaf-mute boy from Darjeeling who gets instantly smitten by Shruti’s (Ileana D’cruz) heavenly charm, eventually realising he’s attracted to her, years later Shruti learns he’s in love with an autistic girl named Jhilmil (Priyanka Chopra) which makes Shruti question her marriage. This movie gives a wholesome scoop of awkward romance and underlying emotions like the characters. 


The realm of offbeat movies has inspired the audiences in more ways than one through speculative and overlooked topics. Content that addresses issues and greatly highlights them gives people the taste to understand and reflect on various issues.

Author: Sambhavi Sawant - I like having a touch of fantasy in my life. Vintage, strange and intricate things fascinate me.  Just another coffee addict who happens to like sports and writing



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