Product photography is a type of commercial photography in which high-quality images of products are captured to showcase their features and appearance. Good product photography can help you promote your product more effectively. It not only makes your products look more appealing, but it also helps to build your brand's reputation in the market simply by putting forth the effort of presenting your product.

Here are 10 tips to be a pro at it:

1. Plan everything

It is important to create a plan before beginning to create your content. This requires doing some introspection and analysis of your current content, how it's performing, and where you want to go next. This will also save your time and make it a smooth process since you know what you want beforehand.

2. Shoot in RAW

It is always recommended for photographers to shoot in RAW, rather than in JPG because your camera captures 100% of the data it receives from the camera's sensor. This means that no image details are removed or discarded, which is what happens with JPEGs often.

This will help enhance the quality of photographs of your product.

3. Try shooting in manual mode

Manual mode is one of your camera's main settings, and it allows you to control the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO manually. This will help control how bright or dark your photo is, as well as alter the overall appearance of the image.

The key advantage of shooting in manual mode is that it allows you to have creative control over aperture and shutter speed.

4. Add props

Props are a good way to give your material depth and context. They also play supporting roles in the story you're trying to tell. Keep them simple, aligned with the color scheme, and relevant to the scene or your product. Playing with your props will make them more appealing and give the picture meaning.

5. Mobile enhancement

Since mobile shopping has become common, all content you create should be optimized for mobile, and their experience should be such that they are compelled to come back.

6. Use a tripod

A tripod gives you complete control over every aspect of the shoot, from lighting and framing to composition and camera settings. It will allow you to make minor changes to the scene after you have set up the camera, ensuring that the final result is exactly what you expected. It will also allow you to shoot at slower speeds and make the most of the available light.

7. Get creative with your perspectives.

Taking shots from varied angles will show your customers exactly how your product appears. It will also provide you with choices when it's time to edit. The beauty of product photography is that you can take several shots and then choose the best one strategically.

8. White background for the win.

When nothing works, the white background comes to the rescue. Keeping your background simple will ensure that the product you're trying to sell isn't lost. While other light colors such as pale blue, pink, and yellow can often work well, white is always a good choice to make your product stand out against a simple and clean background.

9. Details should be displayed.

Take photos of each important detail to ensure that even the most casual viewers get a complete picture of what your product has to offer. Customers won't remember the details of your product if it's said only verbally, no matter how good it is. Remember, seeing is believing.

10. Less is more.

Keep the whole plan very simple. Always remember that the product should be the only focus of the image.

We are sure using these tips will make your work better. However, to help you with product photography, Griffin Pictures LLP will make your work easier and more professional. They have a TVC production house in Mumbai and an ad film production house in Delhi.


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