Every filmmaker gets used to the trade of filmmaking through short films. They are the perfect gateway into full-fledged feature films. However, short films have their style, charm, and techniques. 

With lesser time to make an impact, you must involve other elements besides the storyline to influence your audience emotionally. Let us take you through all the key points to check off your checklist to make the perfect short film! 


Every form of content must have some insight. Think of what message you're trying to convey through your short film, and what audience you're trying to reach. Then develop this idea. Creativity fully realizes its potential only through the depth of thought. 


The next step is to put your ideas into a tangible format. How effectively you get your insight across to your audience will make or break your short film. You must decide the form of communication that suits your idea the most, and the tone of your short film that will make the most impact. 


Every single decision you make for your film will revolve around the core concept. Experiment with multiple styles and gauge which one suits it the best. The location, similarly, really contributes to setting the required mood for your film. 



For a short film, equipment doesn't matter as much as production does. Even using a high-quality phone camera such as an iPhone will leave you with footage of quality nigh on premium. For stability purposes, it is always wiser to use a tripod, unless you're going for a found footage style. 

Be Straight To The Point

Beating around the bush doesn't help with short films. You don't have the time to dwell on multiple narratives. There needs to be one line of thought, and you must act on that very line. Make your communication crisp, clear, and compelling. 


Short films may or may not have a cast. If you choose to cast actors, make sure they buy into the film idea and designate roles based on the kind of people you get to act. Auditioning is important, no matter how small scale a film is.  



All the factors that you must take into account such as the equipment, casting and location rent needs to be weighed up for your budget. Make sure you prioritize correctly. Your budget will determine the production quality. For a short film, always prioritize the editing and post production costs (if any). 



If you lack the budget to advertise your short film, word of mouth is the next best option. High-quality work paired with effective social media promotion is a recipe for success. 

Make Individual Scenes Powerful 

With a lesser number of scenes at your disposal, your visuals must be eye-catching and make a statement. Every scene must contribute smartly to plot progression. 

Consult Griffin Pictures 

If you are looking for a short film production company or a video production company in Mumbai, Griffin Pictures is the place to look. We can execute anything you have in mind to perfection. If you are new to making short films, we'll take you through the magical process!

Author: Kaushal Mallya - I adore expressing myself through words and enjoy the little things in life. I'm a music and sports fanatic, and have the weirdest sense of humor ever.



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