Did you know, a human brain can process images in less than 15 milliseconds? This means you don’t have a lot of time to make a good first impression on your customers. What people notice in their first glance is generally a deciding factor in whether or not they will purchase the product. Professional product photography is an important investment in building an ecommerce website. A good product image catches the eyes & keeps the customers interested. In this day and age, where the world is moving rapidly ]towards a digital medium, ecommerce product photography can really boost one’s online business.

Follow these simple tips & tricks to get the best product photography for your business:

1) Proper Lighting

A product photoshoot should be well-lit given the theme and should be in sync with the concept.

2) Using Tripod

The majority of people avoid tripods and use their hands, using Tripod not only makes the setup professional, but also saves time and makes the photos more professional.

3) Know Your Camera

One should take a beginner's class to learn about camera and photography techniques so that clicks do not look amateur.

4) Use Of Basic Props

One usually gets ambitious and forgets what basic props can achieve. Keep it simple, well aligned with the color scheme along with your product.

5) Multiple Angles

Click from multiple angles helps you in positioning your product well and helps your clients/customers to be the best judge of the product.

6) Product In Context

Your click should make the customer envision themselves using/buying your product. The photoshoot will be of no use if the customer/user is unable to relate to the product.

7) Get Inspired

Taking inspiration from other’s work can also help, especially from the competitors. This will not only help you envision the product better, but also allow you to not repeat their mistakes before clicking.

8) Know Your Limitations

It is very important to know your limitations & not to overthink about the photoshoot in search for originality. It will organically come to you once you start staging your products for the shoot.

9) Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation is a very handy skill that can really skyrocket the results of your photoshoot. But not everyone has the time or energy to learn this skill. In such cases, you can hire a graphic designer to manipulate your pictures and give them an interesting twist.

10) Keeping The Background In Focus

An out of focus background keeps the focus away from the product. The product foreground should be clearly visible so should your background.

These attention to minute details can really make an impact on the final result. For the best product photography, you can reach out to ad film production houses in Delhi, Mumbai or Gurugram. With the esteemed list of clients & a diverse portfolio,‘Griffin Pictures’ is currently one of the best ad film production houses in Mumbai.

Author: Ankit Dadhich - I love to play boardgames & solve brainteasers. Apart from that, I also enjoy researching & analyzing new things to predict future trends.


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