The expectation for top-notch visuals has never been higher! From a feature-length blockbuster to a 30-second ad, the audience expects sleek imagery in every medium. And why wouldn’t they? With so many tools propping up, increasing your video’s visual experience has never been easier. 

There are many VFX software serving different needs. Some are free to use while others are used by high-budget productions; While a few of these are perfect for independent productions, some others are the standard for professionals in the field. 

Here are some popular choices: 

1. Natron



This is an open-source, free-to-use compositing software influenced by Avid Media Illusion, Autodesk Flame, Nuke, and Blackmagic. It is perfect for 2D composition as well as two-point-five requirements. One of the reasons for its popularity is because of its open-source architecture providing flexibility rivaled by few. Moreover, it’s wildly used since it is a viable alternative to expensive commercial software used in the industry.  

2. Autodesk 3DS Max 



This software is widely used for its 3D modeling and rendering capabilities making it ideal for television, films, video games as well as engineering projects. Projects needing detailed architecture to create immersive worlds benefit the most from this software. Acclaimed production houses and video game developers prefer this software making it one of the more popular choices in the industry. 

3. Adobe After Effects 



This industry-standard software is used to create graphics, transitions, visual effects, and other specific alterations in the post-production process. This award-winning software is versatile and can be the starting point to put any idea into motion. Hence it’s widely used by television, film, and corporate filmmakers in Mumbai

4. HitFilm Pro 



This software is accessible to both novices and professionals alike with features like video editing, visual effects, and 3D image synthesis. Its smooth performance, decent collection of templates, and 8K compatibility can be used to create professional-grade effects. 

5. Blender 



It is a free-to-use software mainly used for 3D modeling, animation, and post-production work. It has built-in compositors as well as object tracking capabilities enabling real-time camera movements in 3D scenes. This program may be free, but it’s very powerful. Several VFX professionals prefer this open-source software for their VFX projects. Moreover, many popular feature-length productions have been created from scratch with this software.  



So, there are a lot of options to enhance your visuals. As a beginner, you can start new exciting projects in Blender, HitFilm Pro, or Natron to build up experience and start learning more about this field. These are perfect since they are affordable and provide enough control to fully commit to your creative ideas. You can also use Autodesk 3DS or After Effects to add a professional touch to your animations. 

With so many tools available, modern videos are consistently evolving rapidly! This surge of innovation in VFX has captivated the new-age audience and increased their overall expectations. Need some help with your next project? Get in touch with Griffin Pictures to hook your audience through visual storytelling. 

Author Bio: Hardik Kothari is a Copywriter at Chimp&z Inc. He likes to write words, play video games, and talk about himself in 3rd person.


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