Successfully marketing your business is hard; there is not enough time for evolving, and then there's a new feature or an emerging technology that keeps interrupting your existing marketing routine every now and then. As the online world grew, the importance of marketing grew, and on the list of expert marketing predictions, leading industry people picked what they saw as the biggest trend for this and upcoming years, and half of them had something in common:

  • - 91% of marketers think that video has become critical for brands over the past year, according to the latest data from HubSpot.
  • - While 96% of consumers find video effective when deciding to purchase, 73% of buyers state that watching a video makes them more likely to buy it, reports Animoto.
  • - Last but not least, Salsify reported that eCommerce consumers agree that more visual content is a must-have.
  • - Result— What is accomplished in the end

In other words, the popularity of videos has skyrocketed and businesses need to leverage them to drive engagement. We understand your desire to throw up your arms and give up the fight every time a new challenge appears, but the good news is, that every new digital marketing strategy is not hard to crack. The new technology of 360-degree video is one of them. It is also less expensive to experiment with and adopt, even for small to medium-sized businesses. Also, there are a lot of affordable and creative video production houses in Delhi and elsewhere that can help you create 360 videos and open new possibilities for your business.

Now, why should you use 360 videos for your business?

In this blog post, we’ll quickly walk you through an overview of what 360 video can offer, including what it is and how to use it to your business’s advantage.

So, what is 360-degree video?

360-degree video is an engaging type of video content that is recorded from all directions, giving the viewers a 3D, immersive experience in a very creative manner. It has gained popularity recently with the likes of Facebook and Youtube, and more and more businesses are getting into this space to create immersive storytelling of the inside-out of their products or services for their followers. 360 videos (that include VR video, live streaming, and visual marketing) can garner more engagement and have better message retention than standard videos. While it may require you to learn and design an interactive 360-degree video, it will show great returns and strong engagement levels if successfully integrated into your business.

Let’s dive right into more insights on how 360 videos can boost your business:

1. Increase Brand Awareness

VR video is a rising trend. To keep up with the rapidly changing trends, businesses are becoming aware of how VR experiences impact the audience’s engagement, thus transforming 360º videos into powerful, disruptive tools for brand activation. The primary goal of any business is to reach as many relevant users as possible. In terms of purpose, 360 videos successfully create information noise, showcase your products, and convey your brand message in more interactive ways, influencing new and old customers, and raising brand awareness most effectively.

2. Stand Out From Your Competition

To differentiate your business from your competition, you need to be an early bird. 360 video is still a fairly new technology as most businesses still use photos or regular 2D videos. Be an early adopter to get that competitive edge. In today’s oversaturated market, getting your product even seen online is a challenge, let alone getting it to stand out and be noticed. Use 360 videos as an arrow to penetrate through the noise and redefine your consumer experience. Adapt and adopt new technologies and lead by example.

3. Gain Trust And Customer Confidence

360 videos will show that you’re listening to your consumers’ needs and demands and responding to them without hesitation, which will help you gain their trust and confidence. Consumers notice when companies make an effort and go the extra mile to interact with them, improving consumer loyalty.

4. Improve Brand Recall

360 video is identified as the most impactful video advertising format, offering a new dimension to brand recall. Interactive and immersive experiences offer high memorability as compared to the traditional approach to marketing and advertising.

5. Improved Google Rankings And Increased Conversion Rate

360 video is identified as the most impactful video advertising format, offering a new dimension to brand recall. Interactive and immersive experiences offer high memorability as compared to the traditional approach to marketing and advertising.

In fact, if you need more convincing about the power of video for marketing, let us assure you that 360 product video for businesses does all of the above – and much more. This immersive technology can transform your consumers’ experiences from “I saw a place” to “I’ve been there”, “I’ve seen a product” to “I’ve experienced what the product would look like!”

Started using 360-degree videos in your business, yet? Are you having any issues capturing 360 product videos? Hello there! We are Griffin Pictures, one of the video production companies in Mumbai, and we will help you capture a 360 video effortlessly and minimize your consumers’ pain points when shopping online, increasing your sales opportunity.


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