A storyboard is a collection of illustrations to visualize a story's important events. The importance of a storyboard is that it facilitates the development of the larger story. The content developers would use storyboarding as a low-cost way to test content before investing in production.

Storyboarding for Project Management

Storyboarding allows teams to consider each step of a project. People will notice potential problems that may arise while building the product during the process. The process also encourages colleagues to ask questions about how they plan to achieve specific objectives. There are several storyboarding techniques like subject, shot, background and the camera’s movement.

Importance of storyboarding in business:

1. Supports Concept Understanding

It helps advertisers explain their video concepts better to their business owner. A storyboard helps business owners visualize the mood, look and feel to better understand the concept through a series of rough drawings, which helps create a beter experience for their brand during the pitching phase.

2. Enhance Your Financial Models

Storyboards allow us to compare imagination to reality and gain a better understanding of our customers' motivations, decision-making processes, and spending habits. This is also beneficial to your costing model. Storyboards remind us of the important requirements that must be budgeted for. It can generate more precise estimates of the cost of acquiring and retaining each new customer, as well as identify opportunities to improve financial performance.

3. Helps Strengthen Your Pitch

It is an amazing way to describe who your customer is, the path they take, how they feel and behave along the way, and the resolution they achieve. The STAR approach to storytelling is a useful framework to follow for your storyboards:

  • Situation – The setup of the story
  • Task – The main objective
  • Action – The steps to achieve the objective
  • Result— What is accomplished in the end


4. Assists You In Developing New Ideas And Business Models.

It costs almost nothing to create a storyboard for a new customer/business/experience; all you need is your imagination. It's an excellent way to respond to a "What if?" question. The "what if" question serves as a suggestion, and the storyboard serves as a framework for us to think creatively. It provides an adequate structure for us to think through the question in sequence and detail while not limiting or trying to ruin our thought process.

5. Helps Gain Support From Stakeholders

While a script can assist others in conceptualizing your video, the visual nature of a storyboard is frequently a more effective way to bring it to life prior to production. Sharing your storyboard early in the process ensures that collaborators and decision-makers understand your vision and makes them much less likely to deny it later on.

Storyboarding will help you plan and set the objectives. You can check out one of the best production houses in Delhi and Mumbai - Griffin Pictures.


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