The greatest advantage of visual effects is the liberty to tell stories. From an artistic and technical perspective, visual effects give producers incredible flexibility to bring any story they want to the screen. With the emergence of digital graphics and VFX tools, producers now have total control. Not only are visual effects fun and interesting, but also engaging for the viewers. The longer a viewer looks at an ad, the more likely the product or service being advertised will stick in the viewer’s mind. Visual effects naturally hold our attention because they combine reality with fantasy.

Here are some main reasons why you should use VFX in your advertising:

1. Helps Show A More Interesting And Engaging Story.

Visual effects are optical illusions or tricks of the eye used to recreate the imagined events in a story. VFX is an impactful storytelling tool. Visual effects are used to establish the tone of your story, add insight, or build up the hype. Well-executed visual effects can help a brand genuinely enhance its content. VFX can frame that fantasy world right in front of our eyes.

2. Helps In Improving The Brand's Presence

It is a fact that our ability to recall verbal information is only 25%, while our ability to recall both graphic and verbal information is 80%. Since it enables you to create any type of representation, VFX video advertising gives your brand uniqueness among the crowd. You can create an outstanding creative ad with the help of VFX that will end up leaving an impression on the audience's mind. A unique image or character aids in the recognition of your brand.

3. Helps In Simplifying The Message

VFX is a convenient method for interacting with clients because it enables them to more effectively convey even complicated business concepts and advertising messages. In an animated commercial, you can divide a difficult concept into simple scenes and scenarios that can be animated in a fun and simple-to-understand way.

Today's viewers anticipate a great narrative in addition to the same production values as seen in films. Advertisers must understand the importance of involvement as they compete for the viewer's attention. There are many Ad production houses in Mumbai and Delhi, such as Griffin Pictures, that will help you create an eye-catching advertisement with the help of VFX for your brand.


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