Video marketing is on a constant rise and plays an important role in the marketing strategy of a brand or business. According to a study, a person spent 100 minutes per day watching video content in 2020, and the numbers are rising rapidly.

Motion graphics, as well as video editing, are part of the post-production process. Post-production is the editing phase that adds visual appeal to your video. There is an endless scope of video editing and motion graphics in the world of creativity. With the consumption of video content increasing day by day, video editing and motion graphics are always in demand.

Video editing helps weave tales. The process involves using songs, dialogues, graphics, effects, etc. to enhance storytelling. On the other hand, Motion graphics utilizes processes like 3D motion graphics and computer animations in tandem or alone to create compelling videos.

Let us explore video editing and motion graphics-


Motion Graphics

Graphic motion means a moving graphic - any picture or shape. One can make extraordinary motion graphics using motion graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Nuke, Premiere Pro, Adobe Illustrator, etc. This post-production process can make your video more appealing and attractive to watch. It can be applied to text, too. Movements like rotation, posting, and scaling are utilized to give motion to the video elements. Motion graphics are associated with the animation of logos and texts.

Benefits of Motion Graphics

Motion graphics immensely contribute to making video content visually appealing to the audience. Let’s dig a little deeper:

1. Converts Complex Ideas Into Interesting Messages- Breaking down complex ideas into simple messages for the target audience is the main objective of marketing. In doing so, motion graphics play a big role. Suggestions or ideas that would generally take a while to understand can be simply explained through a video. This is one of the major reasons to use motion graphics.


2. Concise And Appealing- Effective motion graphics posts are short and attractive. It saves time, engages viewers, and passes on the marketing message effectively.

3. Unique Content For Digital Platforms- Motion graphics can be utilized to create social media posts and can be added to blog articles too. It can also be showcased in presentations, e-mails, and events to convey a powerful message to the target audience.

Video Editing

After shooting any video or film, it is essential to give it a final look before taking it LIVE. For this reason, video editing is used. Video editing is a technique for accurately aligning several video clips. Along with the visual, audio too can be edited with video editing. There are various video editing applications for PC and smartphones that can be used for editing.

Benefits of Video Editing

Video is one of the best marketing and promotional tools for any brand or business. So how does video editing up the ante when it comes to video marketing? Read on: 

1. Creates A Bigger Impact- While pictures convey the message conveniently, videos do it in a better way. Videos leave a bigger emotional impact on the target audience rather than static images. With the apt techniques and editing methods, you can convey the advertising message efficiently.

2. Can Be Seen Anywhere- Video content can be consumed anywhere and everywhere. In today’s age, people are watching video ads not only on television or PCs but on smartphones as well. So, if you want to pass on a brand message effectively, video is just the way to do it!

3. Aids In Telling A Better Story- Storytelling is one of the major components of any video, whether it is made for fun or serves a marketing purpose. Video editing ensures that the story is conveyed clearly and simply for the audience to grasp. Various editing methods can help you put elements like images, voice-overs, titles, and animations into the video. It also helps in structuring the video clips in meaningful sequences.

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About the author: Taniya Jain is a content writer at Chimp&z Inc. Apart from writing, she likes to cook, explore different cuisines, read romance novels, listen to music, and dance.



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