What makes a TV Commercial stand out? The Story.

As we can see Bollywood movies are failing to connect with the audience whereas the South Indian Cinema is reaching new heights. The difference is they’ve got interesting stories to tell. The same can be said when it comes to TV commercials, big stars can bring the audience to your TVC but a great script is what will make them stay.

So, the biggest star you need for your TVC is the Script.

Script Writing is an art that is paramount in the imagination of a film and for the representation of your brand in the audiences’ mind. Your script will ensure that the content you create matches your brand and captures the attention of the people who you are most interested in reaching.

Not just for the audience but writing a script will also give you a better idea of the direction you’d like to take for your brand. It can help you understand how you want to position the brand and how to communicate that to your target audience.

As you begin to understand the importance of script writing in video production, you’ll see the content is created keeping performance in mind. Not only the performance on camera but also how well the video performs as a marketing tool. There are some great TVC production houses in Mumbai that can guide you through this process and help you deliver a successful TVC.

Consumers trust other people more than they trust a brand, especially a new one. Add to that the never ending content being uploaded to the internet every day, and consumer-generated content is a trend that is unlikely to fade anytime soon. There are various ways for brands to interact in this sense, with brand partners at the top of the list. Instead of attempting to create an organic community from scratch, you can leverage a corporate video production company that already has the expertise, tools, and community to reach your target audience.

Powerful TV commercials make a lasting impression on consumers, it also helps with brand recall, recognition and lead to sales, and it all starts with a great script.

But, what makes a great commercial script?

- Understanding The Brand And The TG

Before beginning the script writing process, if you understand who your video will be marketed to and how you will reach them you’ve won half the battle. When you set the right context and align your communication with the brand's objective, it will be much easier to develop an advertising strategy that is effective and leads to more conversions.

- Ideating

What may seem like the easiest part of script writing is actually one of the most significant factors to impact the script. Idea is the seed that motivates and guides you in the right direction to deliver the key message to your audience with your TV commercial.

The simpler the idea, the better it will translate to the page and easier it is to pitch, not necessarily to a person or a client, but how effortlessly can you get your idea across?

- Telling A Story

Everyone loves a good story but what's more important is how you tell it. Have you ever read a book that made you stay up all night, a book you couldn’t put down? That’s the magic you need in the script.

Starting from introduction to climax the story needs to be so engaging that keeps theaudience on the edge of their seat. The part where most people lose their audience is brand integration, but what if the brand itself is the story.

Remember that your brand video is meant to help you achieve a specific goal, but it can only do that if you are engaging the viewer.

- Timing It Well

When it comes to a TV commercial, timing is everything. A very long advertisement might bore the audience while a short one sound could look hurried and might not pass the message across. You will have to find a balance between the action and words and present it in a creative way to engage with the audience.

When you seek out the best TVC production houses in Mumbai, make sure you talk to them about their script writing process. No matter what type of commercial you are looking to make for your brand, the importance of script writing falls in line with each and every one of them.

If you’re looking to develop video content for your business you have to look for a TVC production house that understands script writing and its importance.

The story only comes to life when you start putting it in words.

Cut to black.

The End.


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