A memorable brand film or short film can go a long way in cementing your brand image. It all depends on how relatable and creative the film is! One can feel it could be a pretty daunting task to sum up the best of your brand, a USP, and maybe even the variety of products or services you offer in a short span of just a few minutes!

To spice things up a bit more, know this! Research has found that the consumer's attention span has been collectively shrinking year after year. This essentially means go big or go home (in less than 2 minutes)! From long and elaborate experiments of the 'Honda - The Cog’ ad to memorable jingles of ‘No ullu banaoing’, the world of ad films has been evolving at a higher pace than ever before.

Why would you make a brand film?

We know that adding video content to landing pages, emails, or embedded on other platforms boosts conversion rates. Currently, 87% of marketers utilize video for digital strategies, and video ads account for 35% of online spending. Unsurprisingly, 54% of consumers prefer video marketing, and 73% want entertaining videos.

Brand films serve multiple purposes, more than just simple commercials. Be it improving sales, brand recognition, or simply a product launch, it all depends on how good of a storyteller you are! Rest assured, there are many video production houses in Delhi to help you whip up the best ad films you have ever seen!

What goes into making the perfect short film for a brand?

Beautiful and impression-making ad films don’t always require the best graphics or video production, it's usually the vision that creates the path for you.

A straightforward narrative with clear visual or audio elements results in effective communication. For your target audience to understand the brand message, the brand films must, above all, communicate. Sending a message to communicate shared values with the audience is how and why brand films work as a marketing strategy in 2022.

Short films as a form of entertainment

The most basic reason to produce a short film is to entertain. Even if the theme or topic of the film is a little dark, it still piques interest, captures attention, and starts a buzz. And since they’re usually just less than thirty minutes long, there won’t be boring parts in the film. You can be straightforward without spoiling the whole story from the start.

Furthermore, a short film can explore topics that are normally considered uninteresting but in an engaging way. For example, current events. To a person who doesn’t give much thought to the news, current events are a dull topic. But if you discuss it through a drama or documentary, even the person who never cared about the news will be entertained.

Consider the ‘Jaago Re’ ad from Tata Tea, an ad film that masquerades as a flash mob!

There are a billion ways to showcase your brand, but as nostalgia proves it, memorable short films for branding purposes still top the list! Griffin Pictures is one such short film production house in Delhi and Mumbai that can help you with all your brand film needs under one roof!

Author: Nilay - A thinker, who is constantly on an adventure to explore everything new, from trends to food to music.


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