You don't watch a film only for its duration. Even before stepping into the theatre, you get a glimpse of the film several weeks before its release. You see it unfold in small parts in front of you in the form of trailers, songs, artist interviews etc until it's eventually out for you to watch as a whole product.

A film's journey from its announcement to its release is closely portrayed to us as it is marketed and brought to our attention. Let's have a look at how this is done while the film counts the days to its release date.

Film marketing & promotion (FMP) is a crucial process that is carried out pre-release of the film. The film is a product that has to be sold to the audience and effectively doing that is where the marketing for the film comes into play. It combines several tools of communication that involve advertising, interviews, social media campaigns, press releases, etc. to reach the maximum audience. All these tools are at the disposal of the marketer to get a wider reach. Marketing strategies work on mass and individual levels so that the communication is two-dimensional and more immersive. A well-crafted campaign for a film contributes significantly to its success.

Thus, the marketing tactics used should be on par with the latest trends.


Building a buzz around the film with content relevant to the audience is an excellent way of drawing the attention of the audience. The more people will be invested in the hype around the film, the better it will reflect in its performance. Your film is a brand that needs to establish itself in the minds of the people and generate genuine curiosity. Trailers and Teasers work efficiently when they don't reveal too much and instead build certain anticipation on what exactly the film will be like.


Once the movie is out, the marketing needs to continuously communicate with them and keep their thoughts on the film fresh. Promotions should be divided into several audience-targeted activities that will widen the reach of the film while it starts its box office journey. The marketing can also be strategised around banking on the star-power, topic relevance, niche audience and the film's USP.


People require a drawing factor towards the film and the word of mouth reviews provide exactly that along with critic reviews. Highlighting this around several platforms will tap into the audience who were initially not very keen about the film.

Considering all this is executed well, will attract the audience and the film successful with an efficient marketing strategy..

This whole process though should begin with the pre-production of the film. A Successful film is not only made well but is also presented in the right way to the audience. The whole marketing process should be a story in itself of how an idea was converted into a magnificent screenplay after years of hard work. This will convey the directors and producer's sincerity towards the project and will make a good impression on the viewers. There is always a chance of negativity surrounding the film for one reason or the other which needs to be tackled smartly and with double the positivity from credible sources.

Marketing & promoting a film is not just done to attract the audience but also to establish a connection with them. When this connection strengthens, the film becomes a part of people's conversations and lifestyles. That's how the market triumphs and effectively establishes the film as a success. If you're looking to go beyond regular promotions and look forward to seeing people associating with your film on a deeper level then Griffin Pictures Worldwide is the best film ad production house in Mumbai. For your best creative film promotion strategy, we are your ideal partner!


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