Corporate film-making is an intricate procedure that involves careful consideration of the different aspects of making a movie. The practical side includes script writing, direction, camera work, and outfitting. It’s crucial to convey the right message and express it so that the viewer relates to it and understands the brand. This needs constant tinkering. Producing any film is time consuming as it involves multiple stages and phases. 

All corporate video production companies have several departments to ensure the smooth, seamless production of a corporate film. Each department of a corporate or commercial film production company is responsible for a specific function in the stages of film production, such as the camera department, the art department, the director, producer, AD team etc. All of these limbs of the system work towards one common process. There are four principal stages of the production process for a corporate film.

Strategic planning 

This answers the primary 4Ws and H of the production process. Who is it for, why is it being made, when does it need to air, where is it being filmed and how is it being filmed. All of these questions are weighed up and a communication strategy is determined from scratch before any of the film production begins. 


The pre-production serves as a foundation of the corporate film. In this phase, the director and producer build an outline of the project which helps in determining the goals and budget of the project. Pre-production typically stands for securing the resources for the production phase of the process. The plan outlines key dates and reference points such as review timeframes and approvals.

The film-makers decide the budget of the film and the script of the project is crafted. A well planned script saves truckloads of time and money! It highlights the individual scenes of the production that need special attention to detail, as well as the visuals, locations, cast members, props, costumes, narration and special effects.



Once the pre-production phase is concluded, the production stage gets underway. The crew assigned for the production congregates and the film is shot according to the schedule mentioned in the pre-production. 

The crew members include a director of photography, camera operators, a lighting director, sound recording artists, gaffers, grips and production assistants. Make-up artists and wardrobe consultants are deployed to sets to assist cast members and to touch up their look. The film crew has to shoot the footage whilst matching the outline prepared for the film and the director's vision. 



This is the final stage of the production. The filming is complete. Now, the video footage is accumulated by the video editor and edited as per the requirements of the film director. One key element to editing is making sure it has an emotional impact on the audience. The editor may add special effects such as motion graphics and 3D animation. Sound mixing and mastering is required to create the audio tracks. Music will either be selected from a music library or, if needed, custom music is composed and recorded depending on the budget. Color grading may be required to balance any color variations within the raw footage. All projects are made in three cuts i.e. rough draft, fine cut and final cut.


Understanding the art of making a corporate film is easiest through studying the elements of an excellent corporate film. Griffin Pictures is an all action production house that shoots advertising content, brand films, music videos etc. They are a master of the art of telling a brand's story through video. Here is some of their most recent work! 





There you have it. This was a rundown on the major processes of producing a corporate film. Although every story and project is different, a common backbone and structure only sets the platform for the creativity to flourish freely! 


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