In today’s day and age, almost every corporate company requires a video that symbolizes their vision and goal. Due to such high stakes, producing a corporate video becomes an even more meticulous task. This is where the storyboard comes into the picture. Storyboarding is an essential tool while creating videos that allows you to manage time & resources more efficiently. Storyboards not only make the whole process easy to understand but also help one visualize the video before you start filming. So, if you are looking to produce a corporate video, then read through to learn the benefits of utilizing storyboards for corporate promo video.

What is a storyboard?

LA storyboard is the graphic representation of all the (major) sequences of your video. It has illustrations about the shot and how it will be presented. It also has descriptions about the shot, scene and the script. Doing this allows one to get their points across quickly and more concisely to their team. Storyboarding is a tedious yet critical part of the whole production process. Once the storyboard is completed and finalized, you can get the next part of the process i.e. filming.

Storyboards are usually divided into two categories - traditional and digital. A traditional storyboard is made manually by storyboard artists. Every scene of the video is hand-drawn and is a very time-consuming type of storyboard because it requires a lot of time and effort. The storyboard artist also has to envision and consider the VFX and scene transitions that might be used in the video. Another popular form of storyboarding is a digital storyboard which is created using drawing programs and softwares. Digital storyboards can be created faster compared to the traditional method. One can add more details in a digital storyboard, including the VFX and scene transitions.

Why use storyboarding?

Storyboarding gives a vision to the script. It makes the whole production process easier and faster as everyone is on the same page. It helps you plan the video well in advance which prevents you from going over budget. It helps you organize the video without having to spend hours editing.

Who makes a storyboard?

Storyboards are made by specialized storyboard artists. Such artists are well-trained and well-versed in their craft which ultimately reduces the time of making a storyboard. Traditional storyboards are less as it is easier to understand and share a digital storyboard. Any film production house in India will be able to make a storyboard for you. But, if you are looking to produce a video, especially a corporate video, then video production companies in Mumbai such as - Griffin Pictures would be a fitting choice. Griffin Pictures with their quality of work and experience and team has built an esteemed portfolio in a very short period of time.

Author: Ankit Dadhich - I love to play board games & solve brain teasers. Apart from that, I also enjoy researching & analyzing new things to predict future trends.


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