Ever wondered how the world would have been if there was no music? It would probably make cleaning your room or doing some other chore much more boring than it is now. We all love listening to our favorite music band’s tracks and grooving to the moves in the music videos. Have you ever thought about how much hustle it takes to create a live band video? Well, today we’ll take you through an interesting journey of making a live music video.


Music videos are an interesting way to establish a connection between the audience and the band members virtually, which results in increasing fan engagement and bringing the band under the spotlight. But before you begin, it is important to plan a few key points.


Here's a step-by-step guide to kickstart your successful band video adventure.


1. Choose the right song:

Before planning on your music video, sit with your band members and decide how they want the song to be and what message they want to convey to the audience. Always seek inspiration for your song and look up to other artists and their successful work. Once you’re ready with the whole concept for your song, start working on making it perfect for your audience.


2. Conceptualize a storyboard:

Now comes the time to generate ideas of what you want to show in your video. Creating a storyboard is essential as it makes the workflow easy and assists the whole crew in understanding and visualizing the complete concept of your music video. While creating the storyboard, make sure to consider each and every point right from the camera angles to the ambience that you want to create.


3. Be equipment ready:

Shooting the entire video on your own is not an easy task. For this, you’ll need a team in your corner to help you with all the essential equipment that you require to elevate your video a notch higher. 


4. Schedule your shoot:

Now that you have your crew and equipment ready, you must proceed to schedule the shoot. Make a day-wise plan of the shoot by keeping in mind the needs of crew members to avoid any hurdles. Try not to speed up your schedule and finish the entire song in a day, since pushing your crew to the point of exhaustion may lead to internal conflicts. Don't forget to include your crew members while scheduling the shoot to reduce the risk of miscommunication.


5. Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!:

Once you get everything in place, you can begin to shoot your much-anticipated music video.

While filming, there are some certain things that you should keep in mind:

a. Keep the track of the shots you have completed to avoid extra work.

b. Try to capture several shots from different angles so that you have many options while sitting on the editing desk.

c. It is important that you make your team members feel comfortable and provide them with adequate breaks in between the shoot.


6. Catch ‘em Candid:

Make an attempt to capture the live footage of the band while performing the song. This will help you to catch the real energy and expressions of the band members. To create a more engaging video, you can perform in front of the live audience and record all the reactions you get from the crowd.


7. Edit it right!:

Here comes the final and the most important part, editing. You don’t need to invest a lot of money in any sort of elite editing software. There are various editing software in the market which are even used by many professionals.


Here's an inventory of the editing software:

a. Adobe Premiere Pro

b. PowerDirector

c. VideoPad

d. Corel VideoStudio

e. Final Cut Pro


With the help of these, you can make use of different effects and filters to create an exceptional masterpiece. 


Now that you know how to make a successful band music video, it’s time to create one for yourself! For any assistance in the filming process, visit Griffin Pictures - A TVC Production House in Mumbai for the ultimate solution to all your filmmaking needs.

Author: Riston Rodrigues is an Associate Copywriter at Chimp&z Inc. Besides writing, he likes to watch movies and create short films for his own comfort.



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