We live in this world with 2 types of people- the advertisers and the ad dodgers. Of course, there’s one other type- aka the free-spirited, ad-lover type who goes out of their way to look at commercials. This crazy, creative bunch is a rare species, so let’s not address them today. Talking about the original two, the former (advertisers) are brands, companies, and individuals trying to sell a product or service. In this ad-mad digital world, where everyone is accessible to everyone else, the latter (ad-dodgers) look at ads as a giant wave of obstruction to their web surfing experience. Look at the sheer number of ads we have to sit through before getting to our guilty pleasure content on YouTube these days, it’s embarrassing!

As someone looking to create impactful Television Video Commercials (TVCs), this may sound disheartening. But don’t lose hope as there's one thing, the presence of which makes both the advertisers and the ad-dodgers happy, and that’s STORIES. Stories are a big part of our lives. From getting ready in the morning to the tunes of banger rhyme-schemed stories to eavesdropping on the struggle story of the stranger sitting next to us. From reaching the office to the wild weekend stories of your work bestie to tapping on your favorite celebrity’s Insta stories on the way home, today, we’re all storytellers.

As a brand when you realize this, with the help of a creative vision paired with skilled implementation, you come up with iconic ads that make you & your brand unforgettable. Stories have always fascinated consumers and a good one forces them to go back and reminisce about it even if years have gone by. Think back to Ambuja Cement’s iconic ‘Bhaiya, ye deewaar toot-ti kyun nahi’ to ‘Masterji pitaaji ki patloon ek bilaang chhoti kardo’ by 5-Star, great stories become memorable.

If you really want impactful, returns-generating ads, it is obvious that you must put as much effort into it. Making great ads of course isn’t an easy task, and outsourcing this job to the expertise of a commercial film production company makes all the more sense. Let’s look at a few things to consider in order to choose the agency that’s best for you!

Define your goals: What do you want to communicate with your ad? Maybe it’s “Hi, we’re a cool new brand, you should check us out” or “Yo, your favorite brand has come up with a new product and you’re gonna love it”. Maybe it’s a simple “Thank you for always choosing us, we’re celebrating our 50-year anniversary with a flat 50% off”. When you’re clear on your goals from the start, with genuine efforts from a good creative agency, the rest falls into place naturally.

Decide on your budget: Just like the budget restraints stopping us from taking that ZNMD-style trip to Spain, your company’s spending capacity could have a life-and-death type impact on your campaign! You, of course, know the importance of financial planning for your company. Make sure you decide on your advertising spend and formulate a detailed budget for the ad campaign making sure to leave a little margin for error. Needless to say, some things are worth a lot more, and if the idea speaks to your heart, discuss it with your tv-commercial agency and a good one will make sure a financial hiccup doesn’t come in the middle of your campaign’s success.

Research & only then Development: Once you’ve figured out what you want to achieve along with how much you’re able to pay for it, it’s the time to disco research! Make a list of potential agencies, review their portfolio, and check out all of their work to determine if they can deliver your end goals. Talk to the team, apart from looking into their reviews, try to understand how they worked in collaboration with their previous brands and how the brand’s needs were met. These steps are crucial, so even if you feel like taking a chance on someone because they sound quirky & perfect for you (maybe like us), due diligence is a must! (even if it’s us :P)

Don’t limit your Recce: A local agency will understand the nuances of shooting in the city apart from it being cost-effective if you are based there too. But in the digital world, a director can direct from one part of the country with the DOP shooting in another. So, even if you’re a Hyderabad-based brand looking to invest in the best services, don’t be afraid to look into tvc production houses in Mumbai!

A full-service video production agency like ours- makes short films to corporate films, commercials to online content, and so, has a mixed bag of talent that you can tap into. By getting a few things figured out, you too could skip away from the “Skip Ads” category and enter the “Watch Again” one!


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