Video marketing is one of the most effective strategies to promote your brand. We live in the times where words, stories and concepts resonate more with a viewer than a long paragraph that brags about how your brand is different from others. It is essential for brand owners to humanize their brand and influence the audience to make an impact.


There are many elements that go into creating an impactful advert for your brand, the recipe of which involves a flavorful storyline, a zest of concept and a sprinkle of creativity. Let us take you through the process of making the perfect advert. It’s essential to step into the shoes of your audience in order to catch the eye or stand out from the clutter. Here are some steps that go into creating a promotional video advert:

Step 1: Identify Your Goal

Advertisements can be expensive to create. It is very important to be crystal clear with the concept and the result that you want to attain. Perhaps you are a new brand that needs to create a buzz in the market or you have a new product launching that needs engagement.

Here are a few goals that you might want to consider while creating an advert:
A. Brand Awareness
B. Driving Traffic
C. Initiating Sales
D. Increase Customer Sales
E. Educate the Audience

Step 2: Choose A Direction

Pick up a suitable narrative style in order to imbibe your audience with the correct message. Identify what it is that you wish to portray. Perhaps you need more engagement, or an explanatory video that tells the audience more about your brand. Give it a human quality by inculcating characters, scripts, concepts and drive action!


Step 3: Set A Tone

Decide how you want to position your brand in terms of its quality. Do you want it to be humorous or quirky? Artsy or inspirational? There are many more trajectories of creative direction and brand tones that you can explore while making an advert for your brand.

Step 4: Insight And Production

Be clear with your storyline and concept. Just like it is not possible to make a film without a crew, you need to decide a perfect location, a budget, actors, a crisp script and the proper equipment to shoot a quality advertisement.


Step 5: Plan The Process

There is a lot that goes behind creating an effective advert. Devising the concept of the film, finding funds, an appropriate location, crew hiring and pre-production equipment. Lastly, editing the final shots and marketing the film in an effective way.

Step 6: Time Your Advertisement

This is the most essential step in creating a video advert. Make sure you work your magic in the first 3 seconds or you will lose the interest of the viewer. Apart from that, make sure the content that you deliver is short, sweet and to the point.

Step 7: Consult Griffin Pictures

If you are looking for a video production company in Mumbai or an ad production house in Mumbai, Look no further than Griffin Pictures. We can bring your stories to life and make your content reach new heights of popularity. If you are new to the magic of making advertisements, we’ve got you covered!

Author Bio - Tanvi Chhatwani- I am an ardent writer at heart, I love to express my thoughts through words. In my free time you’ll find me with my cats, jamming to Taylor Swift songs or lost in a book!


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