Video content is a beneficial aspect of your marketing mix. Year by year, the internet traffic on video content is increasing. But it is difficult and challenging to hook the audience to a product video. It is most likely that people will lose interest midway if the video is long and lacks interesting knowledge.

A good video is judged on five aspects - content, presentation, production quality, style, and the useful information it contains. Your content should be extraordinary to grasp the attention of your audience.

Below are some useful tips that will help you make your product video shoot a success:

Plan It To The ‘T’



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When planning a product video shoot, keep in mind to give it a strong beginning and a strong end; it should be attention-grabbing. You are likely to promote these videos on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and thus you need to quickly grab the attention of the audience and leave a lasting impression. Also, keep in mind that a script for a product shoot should no longer be than a minute. With a product video that short, you need to incorporate the most impressive details and compel the audience to click the ‘learn more’ button.

Maintain Consistency



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For a product video shoot, always use a table with a white sheet over it and ensure your area is well lit. Just like consistency is important in branding a business, keeping a consistent look and feel across all your product videos is important. Making consistent product videos increases product recall value.

Customize The Environment According To The Product



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Take the look and style of your product under consideration. The background, props used for the shoot need to be in line with the aesthetic of the product. All the elements all the product video shoot need to be in sync with the product. You cannot have anything disturbing the focus of the audience from your product; the environment of the shoot should complement your product.


Experiment With Your Products



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Do not be afraid of experimenting with your products. During a product video shoot, experiment with different angles, props, background, etc. Remember that each product is different and what works for one might not work for another. See what does work and does not work for a product. Refer and take inspiration from other marketing videos of the brands that you prefer and look up to.


Proper Lighting Is Essential



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The lighting to be used for the product video shoot will depend on the product. Generally, basic four-point lighting is used for a product shoot - key light, fill light, background light, and backlight. Experiment to determine what lighting setups work best for the product. Also, keep in mind that natural lighting and artificial lighting do not clash.


Use A Tripod


Make it a point to use a tripod during a product video shoot to keep your video stable. If you hold the camera yourself it may be wobbly. To make your video look professional, use a table tripod or a standing tripod.


Bring Originality To The Table



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Make sure that the concept of your product video shoot is creative and original. Conduct thorough research to find out which types of video content are popular and successful in your industry.

The more professional the video, the more beneficial it is for a startup. Though it takes some practice and precision to make a professional product video, it is helpful for the brand in the long run. The above-mentioned basic tips and techniques will help you amplify the quality of your product video shoot in no time. If you are looking for some inspiration, follow Griffin Pictures, a short film and video production company that provides ad filmmaking, corporate videos, short films, product shoot, 360-degree videos, VFX, editing and audio mixing.




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