Why is sound so important? 

Sound is one of the most overlooked aspects of ad films. Leading Production houses in India focus on good sound design to create compelling atmospheres that elevate the visuals on the screen. You may have noticed that the audience can forgive lower video quality, however even slight disturbances in the audio stand out. 

If you want to increase the reach of your video advertisements, focusing on audio is a good place to start. With the right tools, you will be able to oversee all aspects of your audio significantly increasing your overall creative control. 

Here are some of the most common audio equipment choices: 

1. Digital Work Stations

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is a fundamental software used to record, create and edit professional-grade audio files. It’s the modern equivalent of a physical analog mixing board, though it’s much more customizable. Common uses of a DAW include filtering, tempo changes, pitch alterations, and recording multiple tracks.


2. Preamplifier (Also known as 'Preamp')

If you want to significantly reduce noise interference in your recordings then a preamplifier is a must. A preamplifier boosts weak electrical signals typically made from microphones for a clearer audio experience. A good preamplifier is a crucial part of any studio setup.

Pro Tip: Always be aware of the audio levels when using a preamp to prevent clipping. A rule of thumb is to maintain a difference of 18 dB between the desired sound and ambient noise.

3. Acoustic Panels

Chances are that your surroundings are not entirely noise-free. You can eliminate these unwanted sounds with acoustic panels. These will block out unwanted frequencies in the mid to low range. This will also significantly reduce echo and reverb in your recording space.


4. Headphones

There are a lot of great 'consumer' headphones in the market but these do not serve the needs of a professional setup. Owning a pair of professional headphones will help you solve some very specific problems. A studio usually has two kinds of headphones serving different overall functions: the Closed-Back headphones, and the Open-Back headphones. The former is used to record tracks while the latter is crucial for mixing purposes.

Pro tip: Steer clear from Bluetooth headphones since they distort audio quality


5. Microphones

Last but not the least, you will need a microphone that is the right fit for you. These are some very popular choices:

Handheld microphones: They pick up the background sounds and are perfect to create an authentic ambiance. They are used in infomercials 

Dynamic microphones: They are used to pick up sounds in a noisy location. They are perfect for street interviews. 

Shotgun microphones: Handled by a boom operator, these are really popular for video and film shoots. With its directionality, it is especially efficient in collecting very specific sounds.




These are some very common equipment choices for studios. Though, a common studio will have many other tools at its disposal to fine-tune the overall audio. Want the best audio possible for your next ad film? Check out one of Mumbai's leading corporate filmmakers

Author Bio: Hardik Kothari is a Copywriter at Chimp&z Inc. He likes to write words, play video games, and talk about himself in 3rd person.



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