Upcoming Video Marketing Trends Brands Must Leverage

Change is the only constant; no one can deny this ultimate truth. Without change, everything gets monotonous and after a point of time, boring. The same is with video marketing trends. Year after year, video marketing trends keep changing, and new ones are introduced in the industry. From 30-second ads, it evolved to viral videos and from there, to vlogs. Video marketing is the most consumed form of online content. Due to this very reason, brands must adapt and incorporate any and every video marketing trend into their video marketing strategy.

With 2021 coming to an end, it is time to look at some video trends expected in the coming year-

LIVE Videos And Real-Time Selling

The importance of LIVE videos escalated in 2020 when the pandemic put a prolonged pause on in-person events. It emerged as an important tool for brands worldwide to stay connected with their customers, and now our perspective of what kind of content is streamable has completely transformed. From influencers making a product review to journalists taking interviews, from people attending weddings to music artists hosting online concerts, everyone is on board the LIVE video train! 


For brands, LIVE video is an unmissable trend. Even when things get back to normal, the consumption and hype of LIVE video will not diminish. And while consumers are more inclined to watch video content, they engage at a much higher rate with LIVE videos. According to research, Facebook users engage to LIVE videos 3x longer than pre-recorded videos to generate 6x more interactions and results. A new trend that can emerge in the coming year is live selling through Facebook LIVE. Individual sellers and shops are looking up to LIVE videos to sell products before posting them on their online stores. Consumers watching this LIVE video can reserve the items during the stream and finish the transaction later.


Smartphone Production

A big production budget and expensive equipment for video marketing is now an old story. People are turning to their smartphones to create engaging video content within a limited budget. Even brands capable of spending big on video marketing content have opted for smartphones to create realistic and authentic content. During the pandemic, films and short films were remarkably produced through smartphones and released on OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and even YouTube. However, social media influencers are surpassing all when it comes to smartphone-created video content. With professionally edited sponsored ads, review videos, vlogs, and TikToks, the amateurs are able to create compelling video content. Brands are quickly hopping on this trend to communicate better with their audience through real-life content. The video marketing trend of smartphone production is here for the long haul.


Search-Optimized Videos

Search Engine Optimization is not a new term in marketing. But did you know that videos too can be optimized for search? According to research conducted by Forrester, video content is 53 times more likely to end up on the first SERPs than other traditional SEO content. You can use videos for optimizing your search engine results by focusing on these three areas:-

1. Relevance: Make sure that your videos send out a clear message. Make your videos relevant by educating the customers about your brand values, answering their questions and queries, talking about your products and services, etc. Create video content that is engaging and interesting to watch.

2. Consistency: To boost your SEO rankings, being consistent in creating and publishing video content on your brand’s website is mandatory.

3. Backend Optimization: Finally, after the video is made, backend optimization comes into the picture. Key aspects of this are: relevant title tags, using keywords in the description, choosing an appropriate thumbnail image, and responding to comments to enhance engagement.


AR and VR Videos

Though AR and VR videos have been around for a while, it is in recent times that they have gained popularity due to the increasing demand for interactive and real-life video content. When it comes to future video trends, this is one that all brands should incorporate into their video marketing strategy. Brands across the industry used AR and VR during the pandemic to create virtual experiences for their customers. It resulted in the growth and expansion of this concept. From retail stores offering ‘try it before you buy it' to the healthcare sector providing AR and VR for ‘self-guided diagnostics’ and educators keeping the students interested with AR and VR games and activities, every sector is investing in this trend. Though AR and VR can never replace the in-person experience, they are a result-oriented tact to attract customers.


Silent Videos

You might be a bit confused on scrolling through the above headline, after all, a video is to be enjoyed with images & sound. Well, not anymore! A research states that 85% of Facebook videos are viewed without sound. People also react negatively when they are suddenly bombarded with loud sounds of video content. Videos are now consumed anywhere and everywhere and thus, people like the video to be silent. If you want the audience to stick around and watch your video content, you need to optimize it for silent viewing. A simple solution to this is to add closed captions to your videos and keep your audience engaged.

This past year and a half have transformed the way we consume video content. And while video marketing is the top form of online content, brands need to stay connected and adapt the new video marketing trends in their strategies to bring their A-game to the industry.

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