Ways To Start A Video Production Company In India


Today, video content is at the top of every marketing strategy. Its popularity is greater than ever. With changing trends and the way in which people consume content, video marketing has become the best way to connect with potential customers. It is a great opportunity for brands and businesses to tap into this and also for many freelancers to set up their own video production company in India.

Surely, video production is a competitive field to get into, but it is completely possible with the right guidance. Below-mentioned are 6 tips that will help you to start your video production company in India-

Formulate A Business Plan:


To start a video production company in India, firstly, make sure you formulate a highly detailed business plan. A strong business plan is the key to a financially smooth and functioning business. Choose a business plan that will allow you to gradually grow from a small business to a larger one. Plan your startup costs - from labor and office space to equipment and taxes. Outline a mission statement that encapsulates your production company’s goals and how you plan to generate revenue from your business. Then, think ahead and write your vision statement for the company after the first year. What opportunities do you see your company pursuing in five years?



You need a ton of funding to launch your video production company in India. With video content on the rise in the past few years, businesses are always looking for innovative and attractive video solutions. But before you seek out prospective businesses as your clients, you need funding to form your production company. You will likely have to use your business plan in order to secure a small business loan that will include a line of credit or reach out to angel investors via crowdfunding or personal contacts. Just make sure that the risk involved isn’t big.

Complete All The Legalities:



When you set up your own business, you are responsible for a lot of legal paperwork that has to be perfect. You will need to get an employer identification number, set up a business account, get a business license, and file an operating agreement. Depending on the location of your business, states, and municipalities an annual business tax will be applicable.

Assemble An A-Team:


Certainly, you can’t do all the work by yourself in your video production business. You need to search for creative and ambitious employees whose vision matches yours. You need to hire exemplary employees who are creative and think outside the box. Great ideas come from a talented team of people, who can turn ideas into reality. You’ll need to hire employees for 4 positions essential for a video production company-


1. Head of Development: Who decides on the scripts to produce and guides the creative team.

2. Head of Production: The one in charge of budgeting and the physical production process.

3. Head of Post-Production: Who looks after the editing process.

4. Director: The one in charge of making the content.


Other positions such as writers, actors, and cinematographers can be hired on a per-project basis rather than working full-time with the company.

Buy Filming Equipment:


To start a video production company in India, there is some basic equipment you need to get started. A video camera is an essential piece of equipment for filming video content. There are some cameras that will produce high-resolution content in addition to HD and there are some that will capture raw video footage. This allows you to edit raw footage at the editing stage and adjust the color, contrast, and resolution as required.

Build A Website And Social Media Presence:


Your clients should be able to find your company on the web. Get in touch with a website designer to create a simple but informative and visually appealing website for your video production company. Make sure to include all the necessary information such as your contact information and brief examples of your work. When it comes to social media presence, until your company has some projects to have a constant stream of content, you can put up information regarding your company, field of work, etc. Later, you can hire an expert to run your social media pages.

The above brief is what you will need to start your video production company in India. Of course, there’s more to it than summarized here but these points are a very good starting point for your video production business. 

About the author: Taniya Jain is a content writer at Chimp&z Inc. Apart from writing, she likes to cook, explore different cuisines, read romance novels, listen to music, and dance.





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