As bizarre 'How to produce the best professional and viral videos?, 'Tips to make a viral brand commercial' and 'How To' videos have all been an our seacrh barsat some point, post a production brief. Although, there might be a plethora of videos and sites based on how to produce and film the best brand videos, as filmmakers or beginners in the same field, they indulge in exploring various techniques, and/or finding their own style of filmography.

Be it an ad-film or a product shoot, there are a few pro-tips that are mantras for any successful brand-vertisement film. You can ponder upon and internalize them below-‘

1. Treat Each Production Project Distinctly and Separately

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As bizarre as this may sound, each project has its own personality, emotions and nuances with their own different ethos. It's almost like a person telling a captivating story with a strong connection to the audience, a way to emote with them. Each project reeled for corporate-video production has a different approach based on the concept. Corporate film-makers should essentially focus on the "Why?" factor of the campaign/project. It is important to understand the nature/type of the project and their objectives- if it's a launch/sales-evoking/topical brand ad films and others. Each brief is a whole different package of various objectives. So, let yourself be part of the story from the clients perspective and the audience's POV as switching between perspectives could help satisfy the audience, the client and feeling gratified as the filmmakers- the team that simultaneously bridges the two (audience and client)

2. Hunt for The Best References


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When the brief is settled, dig for strong references, share and discuss them with the vendors, clients and your team to bring them all on the same page and avoid miscommunication. Have different references pertaining to the different elements of the film, to show the clients what you're aiming for. Provide a variety of video references, music references, be it self-composed, stock music or others.

3. Team Work Makes the Dream Work

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Quite literally. Figure out the strength of your team members as different crew members excel in different elements of production and types of films. Select the Director, DOP and the Editor, selectively as they are vital to the film-making process, among other crew members that are at the crux of the project. Cooperation and understanding will let the team flow in the right direction.

4. Understand the Pipeline of Production

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In this particular field, the pipeline refers to the steps of gradually producing the brand film with pre-planning and foresight. Each branch of the pipeline i.e pre-production, filming and editing- require a certain amount of time depending on the format of the video (If it's a VFX, animation, etc.). Determining how much time/days each production process would take should ideally be figured in the pre-production phase.

5. Know Thy Audience

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The sentence above in itself explains why you'd be looking for pro-tips on to make a mind-blowing or emotion-evoking ad film. Using different elements like influencers that fit your brand-film, hopping on different trends are two of the best strategies to push the success of your brand-film among other techniques of corporate video production. If you know your audience and what they seek/ what intrigues them, you have partially succeeded as a corporate film maker. The rest is in your hands to execute what you have painted in your mind, satisfying everyone's needs, creatively-including your own.

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