Not all corporate companies are renowned for having a fully functional video production team. This is why they often outsource their work to external video production houses in Delhi, Mumbai or other big cities. However, mid range corporate companies cannot afford to outsource too much, and need to have elementary in-house sources of video content. Here are the different types of video production services that a corporate company can produce: 


Script Writing


No film can be made without a script, be it corporate or not. A corporate film script will include an insight, the goal of the film, and the core ideas of the brand. The creative team is responsible for this, and provides the framework for the production team to carry forward into the production process, which we will talk about now. 


Production Process

This stage has three parts. The pre-production serves as a foundation of the corporate film. Pre-production typically stands for securing the resources for the production phase of the process. The plan outlines key dates and reference points such as review timeframes and approvals. Production refers to the process of shooting the film, and post production is when the footage is assembled in a chronological order so as to evoke an emotion from the viewer.


Brand Documentary

Now that the conceptualization and the execution is discussed, let's talk about the different kinds of options corporate companies provide in terms of the execution. A brand documentary is a representation of the values that a brand has established and journey that the brand has undertaken, to create impact on viewers, and spread brand awareness and recall. This is a common form of film that corporate companies have to create. 


Product Shoots

It is exactly what it sounds like. A product shoot captures the quality and the functioning of a particular product. This can be educational, entertaining or both. Brands that sell FMCGs usually opt for these kinds of product shoots. 



Ad Films

Ad films generally cater more to a particular service or a USP that a brand wants to advertise. They are shorter than brand films and are generally designed for a low attention span and hence are witty, quirky, emotional or informative based on the brand's identity. Corporate communication involves a lot of ad videos and short films being created. 


This is the kind of content that one would generally not look to hire video production companies for. Good quality testimonials do not require much scripting and planning. Just an honest opinion, and feedback, and some equipment. Client or user testimonials are popular and one of the most influential forms of content a brand can put out to enhance their reputation and sales. 


A corporate company is built on its reputation, and good quality content only increases its credibility multifold. Having a handy production team is a healthy investment for any corporate company looking to make it big in the industry. 

Author: Kaushal - I adore expressing myself through words and enjoy the little things in life. I'm a music and sports fanatic, and have the weirdest sense of humour ever.


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