Imagine a 12-course tasting menu at a gourmet restaurant, featuring a small taste of everything good, in the most exquisite of plating, and presented to a diner. This is what a corporate film does in the most effortless and efficient ways possible, i.e packing loads of information into small presentable bits.


Now, why does one even need a corporate film?

Keeping fancy analogies aside, it is said that the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. It is one of the most effective ways of communication has always been TVCs, corporate films or any form of video.  Different corporate films serve different purposes, and most TVC production houses in Mumbai are well equipped with the market requirements and would guide you through the same.


Here are the 7 Most widely incorporated types of corporate films:


1. Company or Brand profile film -

Consider this to be the face of your brand, though in a non-advertising way. A company profile is what defines your brand in a short 2-10 minute video. It is used to explain the domain, mission, and vision of the company for years to come, which is essential as a first impression.

2. Testimonials -

This may be about praising the brand or product, or a particular employee for services rendered. How good was the experience? Were there any hiccups in the process? A testimonial video answers these questions well.

Watching a client testimonial rather than reading one has always been more convincing. You tend to believe whatever was said when it comes from the horse’s mouth and not hearsay.



3. Recruitment videos:

Recruitment season can be a challenging time for any company. With little time and screening of multiple applicants, showcasing your work culture, the roles and responsibilities of prospective employees, the methodology, and the benefits of working at the company can be a tedious task. All of these aspects, when neatly packaged into a small recruitment video, can be accentuated, prompting the relevant talent to apply.

4. Training videos:

These videos, as the name suggests, aid in the process of explaining the roles and responsibilities of employees, processes to be followed, safety protocols, etc. They can prove to be significant time-savers when utilized in place of physical or on-site training sessions.

5. Product launch videos:

From something as perishable as FMCGs or electronics to furniture or services, the product launch might just be something that will make or break your sales. An effective product launch video can trigger not only your sales but also conversations, eventually catalyzing your marketing progress towards your goals.

6. CSR videos:

As the name suggests, these videos are logs of the corporate social responsibility initiatives of a company, emphasizing the cause, and the work done towards the betterment of society. They highlight the company’s efforts as well as bring awareness towards the seriousness of a particular societal issue.

7. Organizational or Internal communication videos:

Consider these videos to be your loud speeches from a podium, trying to reach out to all your employees. These could convey a formal communication or a motivational message to every employee without the hassles of organizing large conferences.

To sum it all up, corporate videos can be effective and time-saving media for business pitches or even simple communication.

With a legacy of successful corporate films, and renowned as one of the best corporate video production companies in Mumbai, the team at Griffin Pictures can help you boost your business with these and many other video production solutions.

Author: Nilay -  A thinker, who is constantly on an adventure to explore everything new, from trends to food to music.




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