Every business needs to advertise their products. To advertise their products, they need to showcase their products. The type of photography that specializes in aesthetically pleasing photoshoots of commercial products is known as product photography. With the new trends focusing on aesthetic beauty, the demand for quality product photography has shot through the roof. 

Usually, any short film production house in India will probably provide product photography services. However, if you are new to product photography, here's a few things that you must keep in mind, while also bearing in mind the budget and efficiency. 

Color Psychology is key

This theory actually works. Which is why you find that all the successful brands have color palettes that reflect what they sell or what they symbolize. If your product is food, use red as your primary color tone. Similarly, if your product is medical in nature, green or blue must be your color palette due to its soothing nature. Blue also represents responsibility and reliability. 



Smartphones can do a great job

When starting off, you don't need to worry about shelling out a fortune on professional-level DSLR cameras. You should know that a good phone camera can do a perfectly acceptable job for product photography, because it doesn't involve human faces. Especially with the quality mobile phone cameras can provide today, it is very much possible to conduct photoshoots with a mobile phone as your shooting device. Make sure to master the pro mode and its techniques to unlock its full potential! 

Cleanliness and minimal is key 

Less is more in product photography. Make sure all the props and decorative materials you have in frame don't overshadow the effect the product you're actually trying to sell has. There should be a fine balance in which the props should bring out the charm in the product by complementing it visually. 




Lighting can make or break a shoot

Would you buy a product that you can't see clearly? Precisely. Lighting is crucial to appeal. The great thing about lighting is that you can get creative with how much you use and how you use it to achieve maximum effect. Using shadows and angles can also increase the appeal of a product, such as for food, or cars, to give it a dramatic look. If you don't want to achieve any effect and want to take a photo as candid as possible, light can be regulated and directed perfectly onto the product to illuminate it optimally. 



Post production is essential

Last but not least, knowing how to edit pictures is a skill that a product photographer can't go wrong with. A little touch up after a shoot is essential to have the images ready to be put out. When we say touch up, it doesn't have to be substantial. Simply adjusting some white balance, and removing a glare here and there could really improve the end product from the shoot. 

Use these tips and master every product photoshoot that you may need to conduct yourself! Alternatively, Griffin Pictures will provide this service at affordable prices, but premium quality! We are one of best production houses in Delhi or Mumbai! Don't believe us? Have a look at some of our shoots here! 



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Happy clicking! 


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