What Are Video Trends?

Each year, we see changes in both how people utilize videos and how they consume them. Of course, we notice how video producers alter their video style, equipment, and production techniques, but that's a topic for another time. We're talking about changing consumer preferences here, so you can try figuring out how your audience is watching videos and how to reach them more efficiently.

Today, let's take a peek at some video marketing trends that will dominate the production industry.

1. Over-the-Top (OTT), Video Ads

It's a good time to be an advertiser and position your videos where everybody is viewing. Because it has a limited audience, OTT has an advantage over social media and other digital videos. Viewers must sit through your ad (whether they like it or not, depending on whether your ad is optional) to get to their specific content, so the possibility of a brand impression is greater than if they merely keep scrolling. Streaming ads work best when they're creative, catchy, and well-produced. If social media is the place to try fast, iPhone-shot video content, OTT is the place to go big, for which you can take aid of a corporate video production company

2. Consumer-Generated Content

Consumers trust other people more than they trust a brand, especially a new one. Add to that the never ending content being uploaded to the internet every day, and consumer-generated content is a trend that is unlikely to fade anytime soon. There are various ways for brands to interact in this sense, with brand partners at the top of the list. Instead of attempting to create an organic community from scratch, you can leverage a corporate video production company that already has the expertise, tools, and community to reach your target audience.

3. SEO In A Video Form

Everyone has heard of SEO for websites and written content. But video is just as important. Google now includes video results in its general search results, rather than just the video tab. To get there, you'll need to be purposeful about the title, keywords, video transcript, description, and other elements. Including video on a website page can also help the page rank higher in search results. A simple video that walks through the content of an article, for example, can be very effective for SEO. After all, it provides your audience with multiple ways to consume your content, enabling them to choose what works best for them. People nowadays are more likely to hit the play button than read the entire article.

We saw some of the trends that might help grow your business. To capture these trends, you can take the help of professional corporate film makers, who will bring out the best in all parts of the production process.


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