Visual Effects or VFX is the manipulation of any artificially-generated object or layer that physically ceases to exist in reality. These objects/layers are created using computer graphics. VFX is not only used in every movie & show but also in games. We’ve listed down 7 popular tools used by industry experts along with their salient features for you to choose the best one for you.

Adobe After Effects: It is one of the most popular and widely-used tools. It is not only used to generate special effects, but also to control weather on-screen, create 3D animation, and even make objects disappear. It is one such tool that most VFX artists are most familiar with & comfortable with.

Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio: It is used for advanced VFX such as VR, 3D, motion graphics, etc. It has infinite network rendering, GPU accelerated performance, and a wide set of tools that gives out high-quality results.

Autodesk Maya: Popularly known as ‘Maya’, is an Autodesk tool that is used for modeling, 3D animation, rendering, and simulation for games, films, and TV. It is one of the most famous tools used in modern-day filmmaking. It is one of the most commonly used tools due to the modern production pipelines. Autodesk has several other popular tools such as 3ds max, flame, etc.

FXhome HitFilm Pro: It allows the animators & designers tilting, compositing, editing, and 3D tools which produce extraordinary results. It has creative tools like Boris FX’s pro-titling tools, Foundry’s 3D camera tracking, and VideoCopilot’s After Effects plugins support.

Foundry Nuke Studio: It includes features like compositing, editorial, and multi-shot management which allows the designer to work on projects with top tools. Its biggest perk would be that it supports some uncommon formats like ARRI, OCIO, AVID SJDs, etc.

Maxon Cinema 4D: It is usually used for simulation, modeling, 3D computer animation, and rendering software. It comes with several presets. This tool works best for motion graphics, design, game development, AR/MR/VR, and other visualizations. It creates complex and abstract animations allowing one to duplicate objects and limitless motions.

Blender: It is used to create high-quality output fast with its quick thought process & animation styles. It is open-source, free & licensed as GNU GPL. This software is easy for new content creators & graphic designers to flourish in this business.

Make the most out of VFX:

VFX is very intricate work & to achieve high-quality VFX, the system must have a great GPU & a high-resolution monitor. VFX is a time-consuming process & hence it is usually done on multiple systems simultaneously. VFX tools are costly so to save extensive time & money, it is better to outsource VFX work to a video production company.

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Author: Ankit Dadhich - I love to play boardgames & solve brainteasers. Apart from that, I also enjoy researching & analyzing new things to predict future trends.


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