For years, television advertising has been a reliable and authentic way for brands to connect with their audiences and gain exposure for new products and services. While the format of television advertising has evolved over the years, its effectiveness remains the same.

Television advertising has been an inseparable part of marketing strategies for ages. Along with brand exposure, it offers many other advantages. However, it also has many downsides. 


Let us explore the advantages and disadvantages of television advertising:-


Advantages Of TV Advertising


1. Has A Wider Reach:
Need to grab the attention of your target audience and make a long-lasting impression? You can count on TV advertising to give you massive reach. It can also accomplish this in a minimum amount of time compared to other mediums.  

2. Reaches The Audience At The Time They Are Most Attentive:
Advertising on television works for the brand as people are focused on what they are watching. They are paying attention to the screen and by displaying your brand, business, or service, they attract a huge audience.   

3. Offers High Credibility:
Television is a big platform for advertising your brand or business, helping you gain the trust of your target market. It showcases that you are serious about what you’re offering to the customers. Television advertising also provides your target audience with video evidence of the product quality you offer. With this type of advertising, you can choose a particular time slot to broadcast your TV advertisement to attract maximum viewers. 

4. Gives Your Brand/ Business A Visual Personality:
Television advertisement gives a visual personality to your brand or business. Several brands such as Dove, Cadbury Dairymilk, Pepsi, Lays, and others have created high recall value thanks to TV advertising.

5. TV Advertisements Are Simple To Analyze:
Generally, TV ads are based on simple concepts and are easy to comprehend. With TV advertising, you can watch the brand message play out before your eyes and are faster to retain. TV advertising also offers a longer duration and can easily narrate a story and create instant memories about your brand or business.   

Disadvantages Of Television Advertising

1. There Is No Guarantee Of The Audience Watching It:
Television as a medium works on the presumption that your audience viewed whatever was advertised on screen. However, people are likely to carry on with their chores or put the TV on mute until their show resumes.   

2. TV Advertising Is Costly:
A single TV spot can be quite expensive if you want your ad to air during prime time. Apart from booking a TV spot, you also need a budget to write an ad script, hire people to act in your ad, edit the ad or hire an ad agency for the entire process. Also, to create a high recall value for your brand, you need to reserve multiple spots and run your ad repeatedly.  

3. TV Advertisements Are Difficult To Change:
It is easy to make corrections to ads in other forms of advertising, such as print or broadcast. With TV advertising, your need to pay the cost of re-shooting and re-editing the advertisement.

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About the author: Taniya Jain is a content writer at Chimp&z Inc. Apart from writing, she likes to cook, explore different cuisines, read romance novels, listen to music, and dance.   



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